Promethea is a community of technically adept individuals with a shared passion for building a better future for humanity through technology.

We are pro-technologists, believing that technology is a powerful catalyst for positive change. While we agree with techno-optimism that technology is a main path to solving pressing problems for humanity, we dislike their lack of nuance and caution. We think that we should build with care and consideration.

We founded this community because we are dissatisfied with the quality of entrepreneurial, technology-focused groups in Europe, most of which tend to be heavy on consultants and VCs, but not enough builders.

Our community is based in Zurich, Switzerland, a location chosen for its strategic position in the heart of Europe, its neutral political stance, and its rich startup ecosystem. This allows us to remain impartial and focused on our mission.

We are driven by a sense of urgency and bias towards execution, while maintaining a level head and adequately consider risks.

Inspired by Benjamin Franklin's Junto, we are committed to truth, sincerity, and tolerance. We do not subscribe to today's pervasive loss of integrity, and believe that values like honor and respect are as important as ever.

Crescentia per aspera.